3/8" x 10' Rigging Lines


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3.00 LBS
20.00 (in)
4.00 (in)
4.00 (in)

3/8” x 10’ Rigging Line

Our Rigging Lines are also known as Rock Lines from where they were inspired at the rock crawling mecca: Johnson Valley California. They can also be used as Tree Savers, Winch line Extensions and general rigging lines. These lines are very unique in their construction. They are made from the same material as our winch lines: Dyneema making them much stronger by weight than your traditional strap.  Unlike other tree straps our Rigging Lines have virtually no stretch.  To protect the high performance rope, we use a 7/16" braided Polyester jacket, covered with a high quality heavy duty cordura nylon sleeve. While providing a high degree of protection for the static rope, these outer layers provide a cushion protecting tree bark from damaging cuts.

When choosing a Rigging Line, a key safety factor is to utilize a line with minimal stretch characteristics reducing the possibility of snap back in case the line breaks.   For example: If you use a 30 foot length of rope, the line can stretch as much as 9 feet, increasing the chance of serious damage or injury if the line breaks. There is an advantage for using Recovery Rope with high stretch characteristics for dynamic towing or snatching, but never for static winching.

One of the keys to safety in winching is to minimize any stretch between hitch points.   Utilizing a low stretch synthetic Winch line and Tree Saver minimizes stretch between these points, thus minimizing the risk of potential damage.

Our Tree Savers double as Winch line Extensions and are useful with attaching to vehicles where recovery points are not available. They are also excellent for overturned vehicles.


  • 3/8" x 10' (9.5mm x 3M) Rigging Line
  • Polyester cushion with Nylon cover over Dyneema core
  • MBS: 19,500 lbs.
  • Color: Orange Rope - Black Cover
  • Manufactured in USA