5/16" x 125' Blue Synthetic Rope Winch Line with Tube Thimble and Hook


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7.00 LBS
22.00 (in)
6.00 (in)
4.00 (in)

5/16" (7.9mm)  Synthetic Winch Rope with Tube Thimble and Hook - Blue

Safety, strength and reliability are the primary reasons Ultimate Trail Products makes its winch lines from Dyneema rope. Our winch lines have a minimum breaking strength that is 30% higher than steel, but if our synthetic winch lines ever do break, they are less likely than steel to cause damage. Due to their light weight, they store a very low kinetic energy. Synthetic rope is known to often just drop to the ground if it breaks. Compare this to the violent force of steel cables that rotate and lash outward in an unpredictable trajectory. The strands at the broken tip of a steel cable are capable of causing deep and severe skin lacerations that may even lead to death. A simple blow from a length of the unbroken portion of steel cable can be deadly.


  • Made from genuine Dyneema SK-78 HMPE, "the world’s strongest fiber” (made by DSM in the Netherlands)
  • Urethane-coated for abrasion resistance
  • Max Winch Rating: 8,000 Lbs.
  • Maxium Breaking Strength: 13,300 Lbs. (6.65t)
  • 10mm Koman hook powder coated safety yellow
  • Steel tube thimble coated w/ a highly durable Thermo-Plastic powder coating
  • 8' HD Winchline.com polyester rock guard
  • Powder-coated drum connector hardware w/ SS button head bolt for all WARN winches
  • Includes instructions to modify for super winch & other winches
  • Manufactured in the USA